ID-100149331As parents of autistic or special needs children. We have to go above and beyond what is expected of us. One is grooming our children, our boys start getting older and with age comes hair on their face. As mom’s we didn’t expect to be shaving our teenagers. Most kids would be already doing this themselves. Which brings me to making this DIY video for mom’s.

We don’t shave our faces, but yet we are expected to shave our sons. Have no fear ladies. I was professionally trained by the institutions for grooming special needs adults. I know it’s weird ,but even the state recognized that this was a needed.

Step # 1 sit your son down on a chair. This gives you the upper hand and control while teaching, directing and shaving. Use an electric razor. See video

Step # 2 Have your sons do as much as possible, they call it “Hand over Hand” assistance. We must work constantly on independency for our special needs child.The more they can do for themselves the better for us and them. Take the electric razor turn it on and barely touch the skin, let the razor do the work, with small circular motions, or going up and down the face, sometimes feeling where whiskers are. For the hard to get spots use the extended part of the razor.

Step #3 Put grooming or ADL skills (adult daily living)in their IEP at school and ABA therapist. The more consistent we are with our children, the more they will grow to independence. I have been working for years with special needs children and adults. ABA works! It acquires heavy care on us, but the outcome is beneficial for our children and us.

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