Normal life had to create an area for our wonderful autism and special needs children to have fun while they are learning. ¬†They brought back “the garbage truck song” to help children learn that taking out the garbage is helpful and fun. So many children love “The Garbage Truck Song” and its catchy lyrics enable all children to learn this song fast. This is available for purchase for .99 cents.

Normal life inc. wanted to release a “babysitter song” to help children learn they don’t have to be afraid of the babysitter. Children at all levels realize through this song that babysitter can be fun and exciting. This song also is available for purchase at Spotify and iTunes for .99 cents.

Look for your upcoming series of “Mom, read us another story” on audio. Children will enjoy these adventures, from scary spiders to pet rabbits. Be sure to sign up so we can email updates and alert when we have new postings.

We at Normal life Inc. are excited to bring more for children with autism and special needs. This is our love and our life. Post please in the comment section and let us know how we are doing.