1. Shaving your Autistic Son

    As parents of autistic or special needs children. We have to go above and beyond what is expected of us. One is grooming our children, our boys start getting older and with age comes hair on their face. As mom’s we didn’t expect to be shaving our teenagers. Most kids would be already doing this themselves. Which brings me to making this DIY video for mom’s. We don’t shave our faces, but ye…Read More

  2. Autism in Girls

    Boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls. This is why the majority of the research done on autism is focused on males. However, this is doing a disservice to females with autism. New research indicates that there are differences between the behavior and brain structure of boys and girls with autism. This new information suggests that perhaps there are many more women with autism o…Read More

  3. Fostering Independence In Your Child

    For neurotypical children, independence is something that often develops naturally as they grow older and take on more responsibilities. They learn not only the skills they need to be independent, but the ability to choose the best time and place to utilize these skills. They can make decisions, take risks, and practice patience. Their parents can expect them to go to college, get a job, and move …Read More

  4. Understanding Your Teen With Autism

    Raising teenagers can be difficult for anyone, but raising a teenager with autism presents unique challenges. As children become a teenagers, many parents grow concerned that their autism is getting more severe as their child becomes more resistant to them. However, it is a natural part of adolescence for any child to rebel against and desire independence from their parents. Adolescence affects ev…Read More

  5. Tips For Parents & Young Children With Autism

    If you have a young son or daughter who has recently been diagnosed with autism, you may be worried about what they'll become and what the best things are that you can do for them. You've likely spent hours pouring over autism resources and research. Many parents, like you, worry about what will become of their children, and when you have a child who has unique and special needs, it's only natu…Read More

  6. Tips For Moving With An Autistic Child

    If you're reading this article about moving with special needs children, I bet you've already thought of finding a doctor, replacing your current services and therapies, choosing a new school, and finding new autism resources. Of course if the process was as straightforward as replacing old with new, relocating wouldn't be considered a major life stressor for people with or without special needs…Read More

  7. Tips For Sharing Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis

    If you have a child who has recently been diagnosed with autism, it can be a challenge telling your parents and extended family the news. Autism is something that more and more people are aware of, but there's still a lot of misinformation. While you can provide them with autism resources online for them to educate themselves, it can still be a difficult and emotional conversation to have. We've …Read More

  8. Puberty & Autism

    How are parents supposed to deal with this? Children who don’t have special needs, many times moms do not have to confront this issue with their kids. What about dealing with autistic boys going through puberty and don’t know how? All the years that I have been working with special needs adults and children.  I think I have seen it all, from finding stuffed animals in pants to toothbrushes up…Read More

  9. Supporting Siblings Of Autistic Children

    One of the most immediate challenges for many siblings of autistic children is that parents have to spend more time focusing on the child with the issues rather than being able to divide their time more evenly. Oftentimes siblings may not understand why their parents aren't paying attention to them and feeling like they have to compete for attention can often lead to resent towards the parents or …Read More

  10. Common Myths & Misconceptions About Autism

    Here at Normal Life Inc, we're a family business with a dedication to providing parents with autism resources. We are built upon an extensive history in helping children with special needs and/or those that fall within the Autism Spectrum Disorder live a more fulfilling and happy life. Today we're going to look at a few common myths and misconceptions surrounding autism. Myth: Autism is curable. …Read More