1. Respite Option for Autism Caregivers

    Respite Options For Autism Caregivers Respite care is a very general term that covers a wide spectrum of substitute care. “Respite” can range anywhere from just a couple hours to a matter of weeks and can be for a range of people from elderly ones to people with disabilities. In this article, we will be focusing in on overnight respite care for autism caregivers. You have some options when it …Read More

  2. Stop Autistic Kids from getting into their drawers!

    One behavior I have noticed in many special needs children, is a preoccupation with clothes items. Some may enter into the rooms of others and steal their clothes, or empty out their dressers in order to put on as many clothing items as physically possible. As a mother this could become very exhausting to find your child’s clothes all over their floor, or find your child dressed in four sets of …Read More

  3. Autism and Genetics

    Autism is a very common disorder. Approximately one in 68 children are on the autism spectrum. However, very little is definitively known about the cause of autism. Autism has a genetic component, but it isn’t entirely clear what exact role genes play in autism. It has a tendency to run in families, and it is more likely for identical twins to both have autism than fraternal twins. While there i…Read More

  4. Autistic Behavior: Difficulties with Food Textures

    Autistic Behavior: Difficulties with food Textures Not only is it not uncommon for autistic children to be particularly picky-eaters, I would have to say that it is actually the norm. If you only have experience raising autistic children, let me tell you that this is not specific to this disorder. Everything in this article should just as easily be applied to children without any mental disorders.…Read More

  5. Sensory Communication and Autism

    Everyone has their own perspective on the sensory information we take in from our surroundings. We may love the feeling of a certain fabric against our skin, or the smell of cookies baking. Children with autism are no different in that regard; however, people with autism often experience sensory hypersensitivity. They may feel overwhelmed by the sensory stimulation in the environment, or favor sen…Read More

  6. Is There a Difference Between Asperger’s and Autism?

    Ever since we have been introduced to the “autism umbrella” or the “autism spectrum”, there has been some confusion about where Asperger’s syndrome  comes into play. Does my child have autism or Asperger’s? Is there a difference? This is especially prevalent when an autistic child is particularly high-functioning. Although Asperger’s is included in the spectrum of autism, there is a…Read More

  7. Spring Break For Autism Families

    Spring Break For Autism Families Every single school age kid looks forward to every single day that they do not have to go to school. Every weekend and every break are eagerly anticipated like some kind of wonderful reward for making it through the school week. Unfortunately, as parents, and especially as parents of children with autism, these breaks can become just the opposite of that. Just the …Read More

  8. Fly With Autistic Children

    Flying With Autistic Children   With the strides that we may believe we are making in our community to spread autism awareness, we have to understand that we have not reached everyone. Just last year, an autistic child was kicked off of their flight because the child, who had not harmed anyone or caused any major disturbance, was too picky of an eater to be fed the regular coach-class food an…Read More

  9. Toilet Training Your Autistic Child

    Baseline Many parents don’t understand what baseline data collection is. Knowing this will enable you to write your own training programs for your children. You can assist your autistic child to be toilet trained, to learn to brush their own teeth, bathe themselves, and wash their hands after toileting.   Here is a sample of baseline data collection for toilet training your child: Timmy went pe…Read More

  10. Preparing for Your Family Vacation

    When you have a child with autism, you may think that traveling is out of the question. It is difficult for many people on the autism spectrum to cope with change, so it is understandable why you may hesitate to pack up and go on a family vacation. However, with careful planning and the right attitude, it is possible to successfully travel with your whole family. Here are some of our tips for trav…Read More