One behavior I have noticed in many special needs children, is a preoccupation with clothes items.

Some may enter into the rooms of others and steal their clothes, or empty out their dressers in order to put on as many clothing items as physically possible. As a mother this could become very exhausting to find your child’s clothes all over their floor, or find your child dressed in four sets of clothes. If your child isn’t toilet trained, or if they are incontinent you may feel the need to re-wash every single piece of clothing outside of the drawers, whether they seem dirty or not. This consumes a lot of time and energy, wouldn’t it be nice if we could prevent this completely?

This is why we want to show you an easy way to adapt your child’s dresser to increase your child’s safety, and to give your family a little more normalcy in life.

Our quick fix can be found at Lowe’s. They are called “Tot Loks” by “Safety 1st”. Make sure before you install these locks, you unscrew or otherwise remove the handles that are already on your dresser. This makes it more safe so that your child does not pull on the locked handles and bring their dresser down on themselves!

The locks and key go for about $20.00. You can watch you-tube video here to see how we install them. Please leave any ideas and comments on the video. We love hearing your insight, it takes an army to raise an autistic child! out this great idea from the man who designed Curtis dresser. The locks come with direction. Tot lock is the brand order from amazon, home depot or lows stores.…

The instructions are easy and the here is the you-tube on how to apply the lock. for a Cupboard.

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