Every morning, my son’s sheets would be off of his bed with his mattress off of the bed frame.  Talk about killing your back every morning putting that bed back together! Maybe that is why they use the puzzle piece for Autism because we are all puzzled on how to deal with all the different behaviors! Here is a simple solution to a back-breaking problem. 

Buy a new bed. Save up your money and purchase a bed-frame that the mattresses fits down into the frame. This will keep the mattress from falling off the bed-frame, and makes it harder for the child to get the mattress out of the fitted frame, Voila! Problem solved.  We have to make sure we stay a step ahead of these smart kids.

Another great tool to promote independence is having them make their bed daily. I have only fitted sheets on my beds with just a comforter. This makes it really easy for the children to make the beds. Don’t worry if the bed isn’t made to perfection. Just Praise them when they try, then later down the road teach them to straiten the comforter.

You can also find sheets that zip around the whole bed at zip beds. Here is a link to buy that product! http://tinyurl.com/zipbeds. They are sheets like sleeping bags for the bed, going around the whole bed. These are great tools for mom, and easy for the kids to make their beds every morning. I challenge you, even if you don’t have these zip bed sheets have them at least straighten out their beds in the morning before going to school. It doesn’t have to be perfect.  But it is good for them to always be helpful and it will eventually makes your life easier.


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