Here at Normal Life Inc, we’re a family business with a dedication to providing parents with autism resources. We are built upon an extensive history in helping children with special needs and/or those that fall within the Autism Spectrum Disorder live a more fulfilling and happy life. Today we’re going to look at a few common myths and misconceptions surrounding autism.

  • Myth: Autism is curable. Fact: While many unproven alternative therapies have been touted as possible cures for autism, including vitamins, diets, and chelation, there is no cure.
  • Myth: Vaccines cause autism. Fact: While there was a scientific paper published in 1998 that suggested a link between autism and vaccinations, it was almost immediately debunked and retracted. There is no evidence that autism is caused by vaccines.
  • Myth: Autism is caused by cold parents. Fact: While this was once a common belief, autism is now known to be a neuro-developmental disorder, with what are thought to be genetic and perhaps environmental origins.
  • Myth: Kids with autism are great with memorization and math. Fact: We’ve all heard the stories about child savants who can calculate huge numbers and have photographic memories. But these stories give the false impression that all children with autism have these special skills. Most children on the spectrum, even the highest functioning end do not show extraordinary math talent. What is true is that children with an ASD exhibit intense interests in particular subjects, and may accrue a great deal of information about it.
  • Myth: Children with autism don’t have feelings. Fact: What children with autism lack is the skills involved in expressing and communication feelings, not feelings themselves.

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