I really needed to  write this article reminding Autism and special needs families that there could be a crisis in our lives at any moment. The type of lives we live we need to heed the warning to be prepared!

Being an autism mom, the most important thing in our lives are being consistent and using our organizational skills.  God forbid anything happen to us parents who are the managers of our children. But we need to think about these type of things in order to ensure the safety and care of our children.

The first thing I would like you to do is sit down with a pen and paper or a computer and get organized.  Write down your child’s daily routine but this time, write down the needs of that routine if the lights were out, or if you didn’t have the necessities around like running water.

When you walk through your daily routine find out what runs on batteries and what runs on plug-ins and does anyone know how to work the machines your children use? From feeding tubes to breathing machines you need to write down detailed instructions on how the use of these items.  If you have the instruction manual then place in a plastic bag and put a bright red tape on the outside of the bag and place it on the machines.  Make sure it is visible to anyone trying to work the machinery.

Being prepared will help all people who might be in contact with your child during an emergency the knowledge to care for your child because you gave your child a voice. Either, HCA’s, CNA’s, RN’s, healthcare workers, personal care workers, ABA therapist, and daycare. Disaster can happen at any moment in many different ways. So I have compiled a list of things to help you make your own list because all our children need a different thing.

Make sure all these items are available in backpacks. These will be your go bags so in times of an emergency and you need to evacuate you will be able to just grab and go. We store ours just inside our garage door and my autistic children bags in my car at all times. Really meditate on what you will need and please adjust if you don’t need some of these items.

Packing List:

legal paperwork

  1. Prescription or bottle of prescription 7 days worth.
  2. List of all medication: names of medication, dose, frequency, and name of the prescribing doctor. Applesauce if need to administer.
  3. Copies of medical papers, insurance cards and power of attorney.
  4. List of phone contacts one at least outside of state.


  1. Feeding tube, get a backup battery.
  2. Written operational instructions to all equipment. Get trained on manual infusion techniques in case of a power outage and write it down in case you are injured in anyway.
  3. Motorized wheelchairs get extra batteries.
    1. Patch kit for tires or fix a flat, store the manual to the motorized wheelchair and extra tools.
  4. Flashlights
  5. Radio


  1. For communication board or all devices you can find some @



  1. All grooming supplies
    1. Toothbrush/toothpaste.
    2. Washcloth, towel.
    3. Soap/shampoo that don’t need water.
  1.    Clothes
    1. Three pairs of outfits: pants, underwear,shirt, and socks.
    2. Diapers, liners,baby wipes,pull-ups, chuck pads,gloves.
  1.    Detailed instructions on your child’s routine of their care.


  1. 5 gal of water per person.
  2. Straws, utensils, bowl.
  3. Protective coverings.
  4. Cans of ensure or protein drink with high calories for three days
  5. Three meals a day for 3 days worth. Pack the kids favorite things to eat that is non-parseable.


  1. Yard gate for children who wonder.
  2. One hundred dollars in one dollar bills.
  3. Child’s favorite things like,movies, i-pads,blanket, stuffed animals anything that will help them get through the crisis.

Then go to www.doh.wa.gov for emergency supplies list for all person of your household and Please get prepared!

If you don’t live in Washington then go to your State DOH.gov and ask for a resource guide.



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