1. Autism and Genetics

    Autism is a very common disorder. Approximately one in 68 children are on the autism spectrum. However, very little is definitively known about the cause of autism. Autism has a genetic component, but it isn’t entirely clear what exact role genes play in autism. It has a tendency to run in families, and it is more likely for identical twins to both have autism than fraternal twins. While there i…Read More

  2. Sensory Communication and Autism

    Everyone has their own perspective on the sensory information we take in from our surroundings. We may love the feeling of a certain fabric against our skin, or the smell of cookies baking. Children with autism are no different in that regard; however, people with autism often experience sensory hypersensitivity. They may feel overwhelmed by the sensory stimulation in the environment, or favor sen…Read More

  3. Preparing for Your Family Vacation

    When you have a child with autism, you may think that traveling is out of the question. It is difficult for many people on the autism spectrum to cope with change, so it is understandable why you may hesitate to pack up and go on a family vacation. However, with careful planning and the right attitude, it is possible to successfully travel with your whole family. Here are some of our tips for trav…Read More

  4. Keeping Your Autistic Child Safe At Home

    With any child, there are certain measures you must take to ensure their safety in your home. When you have a child with autism, there are special considerations to make. Here, we have outlined ways you can better secure your home so you can rest assured that your child is safe.   Install High Fences To ensure that your child can play outside in your yard, it is important to install a high fence …Read More

  5. Autism & Diet

    It is common sense that what you eat has an impact on how you feel and behave. When you eat nothing but junk food, you often feel sick and don’t have the energy to do anything but lay on the couch. For children with autism, some parents have seen a difference in the way their children behave when they follow particular diets. While you cannot “cure” autism with a special diet, you can make c…Read More

  6. Practicing Self-Care As A Parent

    When you have a child with autism, you adapt your life to fit around their needs. There are so many things to focus on in any given day for your child that your own needs are put to the side. As parents, putting our children before ourselves is natural, but we cannot forget to practice self-care.  As much as you love your child, coping with autism is not easy. On a daily basis, you may experience…Read More

  7. Taking Your Autistic Child To A Restaurant

    As parents of autistic children, our lives changed when our child was diagnosed. Before, going out to eat at a sit-down restaurant was a simple process, but now you are overwhelmed with the idea of taking your family out for a meal. You worry that the change of routine and the loud noises may overstimulate your child, or they may grow impatient or refuse to eat. What was once just an occasional pl…Read More

  8. Autism in Girls

    Boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls. This is why the majority of the research done on autism is focused on males. However, this is doing a disservice to females with autism. New research indicates that there are differences between the behavior and brain structure of boys and girls with autism. This new information suggests that perhaps there are many more women with autism o…Read More

  9. Fostering Independence In Your Child

    For neurotypical children, independence is something that often develops naturally as they grow older and take on more responsibilities. They learn not only the skills they need to be independent, but the ability to choose the best time and place to utilize these skills. They can make decisions, take risks, and practice patience. Their parents can expect them to go to college, get a job, and move …Read More

  10. Understanding Your Teen With Autism

    Raising teenagers can be difficult for anyone, but raising a teenager with autism presents unique challenges. As children become a teenagers, many parents grow concerned that their autism is getting more severe as their child becomes more resistant to them. However, it is a natural part of adolescence for any child to rebel against and desire independence from their parents. Adolescence affects ev…Read More